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C&C Cages for Sale


ACR&S uses and recommends cages which have minimum standards for housing as per or, depending on species. These cages are variously called C&C (Cube & Coroplast) or NIC (Nice Idea Cube) cages. Since the recent re-formulation of the cube grids to have overlarge openings, these cages are now often built with Closetmaid closet shelving.


As of May 2013 we are no longer able to build cages in house. If you don't want to build it yourself, we recommend you purchase a cage from This site is run by the folks who run the Cavy Spirit guinea pig rescue, one of the country's most famous piggy rescues, and the inventor of C&C cages.


The benefits of these cages are extensively discussed elsewhere, but here are just a few of the highlights to consider:

  • Health. Guinea pigs in C&C cages are able to get the exercise they need to prevent obesity, bumblefoot, impaction, and other diseases of inactivity.
  • Enrichment. Rabbits who are not able to be housebroken or who can not be free-ranged for other reasons, can live in spacious, multi-story cages which provide plenty of space for jumping platforms, digging boxes, tunnels, and other entertainment.
  • Convenience. Coroplast is non-porous, and can be used to line rabbit pens, protecting floors from urine. It can be cleaned easily with white vinegar. For guinea pig cages coroplast allows you to customize your cage with tall walls to hold in bedding when they kick up their heels. Bedding is easy to remove - a dustpan and whiskbroom, and a spray bottle of white vinegar, is all you need! You can also easily build condo-style cages, which stack multiple cages in the same amount of floorspace. If you travel, these cages easily disassemble and fold up to fit in the back of a car.
  • Price. In a petstore, $30 will get a cage the size of a computer keyboard. The largest cages are several hundred dollars and are still woefully undersized. For only $30 in materials you can build a guine pig or rabbit cage which is 3'x7' - nearly 21 square feet of space!