Thank you for 11 wonderful years!

It is with both sorrow and joy that I must announce that ACR&S is closing as of December 31, 2014.

In the 14 years since we started guinea pig and rabbit rescue, 11 of which were under the ACR&S name, we have rescued literally thousands of animals. I will always be grateful that we have been able to help these individual creatures as well as to bring the joy of pet ownership to so many families.

The core foster homes that have made up ACR&S for so many years have enjoyed many wonderful changes in family, careers, children, etc, in the last decade. However, such real-life pressures don't allow much time for rescue anymore.

But there has also been a change for the good in the general state of animal welfare in North Carolina. When we started doing rescue in 2000, almost no shelter took in guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, and other small animals. If any did, the animals were sold for $5 with no education provided to the adopter about their needs.

Now, almost all NC shelters are experienced with these animals and are exceptionally well qualified to provide potential adopters with all they need to know to enjoy the best life possible with their pets. There are also now many other independent small rescues in NC who specialize in pocket pets. We feel assured that all these other organizations will continue to provide excellent service the small animal rescue community after we are gone.

There is no way that I can offer thanks to all of those who helped us on this journey. Our adopters, financial supporters, veterinarians, foster homes, shelter liaisons - the list is endless. But please know that if our lives have intertwined at all in the last 14 years, you have my deepest gratitude. Thank you.


Susan Schneck
Executive Director



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